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Cathedral Candle Incense Blends

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Made from only select natural ingredients, Cathedral Candle Company has carefully blended and packaged three classic incenses according to formulas that have remained unchanged for over a century.

Frankincense: Made only from 100% pure, natural frankincense resins. This traditional incense produces the rich, distinctive aroma of premium frankincense.

Jerusalem: Made only from the finest all-natural gums and resins, Jerusalem Incense produces a consistently rich, pleasing aroma of frankincense with notes of sweet myrrh.

Roman: A premium blend made from only the finest, all-natural ingredients, Roman Incense produces a rich, consistent aroma of frankincense with the scent of sweet myrrh and subtle notes of sandalwood.


Sold in 1 Pound Box.

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Cathedral Candle Incense

Frankincense, Jerusalem, Roman